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Service : Cobunet Silver Membership (For companies with 1-5 employees)
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  Service Name : Cobunet Silver Membership (For companies with 1-5 employees)
  Category : Computer & Software - Business Software
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  Unit : Monthly
  Price : 9.00 USD
  Service Code : COB.06
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Find potential customers, introduce your services and products in a local and international scale in a digital age with Cobunet


First online marketplace and social network for companies on earth


What is Cobunet?


Cobunet is a cloud based business networking platform which makes cooperating and collaborating easy with endless enterprises offering automated interactive featured tools with unlimited database exchange.


"Unlocking the digital competition can play a role in helping to promote better outcomes for consumers and innovation."


Discover Functionalities


Display your products and services.

Publish and share media.

Publish your company summary and branches information.

Share your operating sectors.

Publish reviews, partners and projects.

Publish your business awards, certificates and brands.

Announce the fairs you attended.

Share your company catalogs.

Use the company branch locator.

Share your factory information and production capacity.

Share your warehouse capacity.

Create purchase orders.

Request Quotes.

Close deals with customers and consumers.

Organize and announce events.

Automate news letters.

Advertise your products and services by posting digital advertisements, push notifications and news letters.

Rate and share reviews about companies, services and products.

Refer the companies, services and products.


Showcase your products and services with cobunet


Make your company visible by creating unlimited catalog of products and services, use the opportunity advertising on Cobunet homepage. Rate, review, share and refer companies.


Cobunet is a powerfully effective tool/platform to promote/market both your services and products


Manage your marketing campaigns in 20 different languages making it visible in 145 countries. allows you to build your brand awareness equally locally and internationally


Publish effective news posts on the page


Create, curate, review, and publish content, engage, share articles, news, notifications, and announcements about your enterprise.


Keep up to date partners, suppliers and clients about your company news.


Expand your network by sending invitations and connection requests to various companies in multiple sectors


Cobunet is a platform which allows companies to connect with other companies, business partners, new and current clients online by invitation.


Communicate with company decision makers through our direct messaging service


Cobunet messaging will win you new business. is a product and service promotion showcase and an interactive social networking


Announce closed and open business tenders 


Invite vendors to submit a tender for your projects internationally, evaluate the bid submissions, Identify the best suitable supplier, monitor the their performance.


Event Management 


Plan events, publish your events on our event lists. Invite users and visitors to your event as a participant.


Detailed and structured Exhibition database 


Our automated Exhibit database allows you dive in to the Exhibitor, visitor and key figure information so that you can properly compare and evaluate the development of the exhibition.


Analyze your visitors according to their demographic structure


Monitor, Measure and analyze most viewed products, services and visitors according to various criteria as demographics and origin.


Request a quote from a vendor 


Easily create or preset purchase order, quote request email templates, review, compare and engage using an integrated platform tools.


Automated soliciting much narrower, depending on the particular quotations or estimates from number of prospective purveyors or sellers of a series of products or services at the same time.


Manage your Receivables 


Automate your Receivables with Cobunet, work transparently with yoursuppliers and partners, send reminder emails to your vendors abut the payments.


Manage your projects


Cobunet has everything you need to make it easy to organize any type of projects. Open a card and you can add comments, upload file attachments, classify your projects, invitations participants, assign tasks and more.


Search business data course of thousands of companies


Classify and review companies by country, state, city, field of activity, industry, number of employees and other search criterias.


Increase your sales force with CRM tools


Manage your leads, create purchasing quotes and orders. Plan your service schedule with service application management. Organize events.


Manage your income and expenses with our accounting tools


Manage your cash, bank accounts, credit card and check and voucher transactions. Record your sales invoices. Track your income and expenses. Create income-expense scenarios by planning your debts and receivables.

All size of companies and sectors at one place! Online marketplace and first social network for companies where they can do business…

   Cobunet Bilişim Hizmetleri ve Tic.Ltd. Şti.
 Turkey, İstanbul
  Computer Software
  0 850 260 19 99
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