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Service : Cloud & IT Infrastructure Support
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  Service Name : Cloud & IT Infrastructure Support
  Category : Computer & Software - IT-Software
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Workcube efficiently plans, designs, and manages all IT and infrastructure requirements of companies that are in the process of Digital Transformation In your e-Transformation project, Workcube manages your transition to cloud architecture or the IT infrastructure building process that you need within your organization.


Transition to the Cloud


Within the scope of cloud-migration services, Workcube offers businesses the opportunity to do business on the cloud with minimal investments and ensures that you have all the hardware and software you need in your e-Transformation process without further administrative and maintenance costs.

Workcube moves your office to the cloud by offering the consultancy, installation, and management services you need for using domestic and foreign virtual servers at reasonable costs, together with the cooperation developed by leading Turkish and world service providers.

IT Infrastructure Services

You can get services from Workcube for your IT infrastructure needs in different areas, from hosting to digital voice and video communication.

Workcube Catalyst Complementary Technical Services

Workcube provides users with a complete software upgrade, server migration, system synchronization, domain redirection, SSL certificate creation, purchase, installation, and integration with third-party software.

Physical Server Services

We analyze the existing infrastructure for your company's physical server needs, examine all the brands and product groups in the sector and design the most suitable configuration for your institution. We ensure that you have the most cost-effective system.

Network and Security

We provide high security, end-to-end protection against internal and external threats with extensible and high security network and security solutions to protect your corporate IT assets, ensure information integrity, security, and confidentiality.

Data Storage and Backup Solutions

With our experience in data storage, archiving, and backup, we analyze all the data that your business has in the electronic environment, and set up a backup policy that is in line with engineering standards and aligns with your business processes.

Disaster Scenario Solutions

We provide data-loss prevention and effective solutions for your business by developing the business-disaster scenarios needed to ensure business continuity in cases of flood, fire, power interruption, user error, etc.

   IBS Solutions
 Turkey, İstanbul
  Information Services
  216 499 7767
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