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Product : PB Panel Blender
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  Product name : PB Panel Blender
  Category : Machinery - Other
  URL :
  Unit : Piece
  Brand Name : Durmazlar
  Minimum Order : 1
  : Total 22,287 view

Our latest member of Durma inventory


Our latest member of Durma inventory, Durma Panel bender is produced to increase effiency on piece production with it advanced technology.


Maximum speed and safety, fully automatic tool changing capacity and minimized adjustment timing, it provides excellent outcome.


Durma panel bender, with robust frame, excellent precision and ergonomic design it provides high productivity on your production and it will take place in establishment with its variety bending possibilities.


As automation with Laser and Punch machines combinations, Durma Panel bender will obtain superior time benefit on processing times.


Our developed smart consumption, operator free standard production and stabil thermal condition studies Durma panel bender, will provide opportunities energy savings as energy costs increasing developing World.


Durma Panel bender offers both simple and full automatic bending’s between thickness of 0,5 - 4 mm.


User Friendly Durma Panel Bender, with its easy to use interface and programming software it will be your partner for all sorts of solutions.

 Turkey, Bursa
  224 219 18 00
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