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Welcome to the Cobunet social corporate network.
Cobunet is the world's first social network and marketplace for companies.

Cobunet helps your company to connect with other companies, universities, schools, government institutions as well as other organizations and do business with them
150 company is online on website. You can register your company and connect with them.

Affichez vos produits et services sur les marchés nationaux et internationaux. Trouver de nouveaux clients.
Cut your invoices with pre-accounting. Manage money inflows and outflows, your spending and bank transactions. Keep track of current account.
Track your customers, suppliers, leads, sales offers and orders. Organize events and service applications. Report your profitability by creating sales plans.
Classify your projects. Assign staff by adding jobs to your projects. Categorize and report your jobs according to their status.
Manage your warehouses. Keep track of your stocks. Report your stock movements.
Prepare your purchase offers. Send an e-mail by selecting the companies that will be asked for offers. Have your suppliers quote a price for your offer by clicking on the link in the email. Integrate with your business application using our web services.
Make online reconciliations with your customers, suppliers and business partners according to your debit balances. Send current reminder emails for your receivables.
Add to your network by sending invitations to other companies with Cobunet network. Search the pool of hundreds of thousands of companies. Share by creating groups.
Record applications from your customers with service and application management. Interact quickly with your customers by following the progress of the application. Review progress monthly, weekly with advanced reports.
Student registration application is a registration tracking program created for boutique schools. Enroll your students. Make recordings. View your school occupancy rate. Track your collections by creating installment plans.
Post on Cobunet and get offers by opening auctions and classifieds. Create events. Have the participants fill out the application form by sending an e-mail. Make retrospective reports.
Create groups based on industry or interests with groups. Share in groups. Add photos or videos. Share information by forming groups based on unions, associations and chambers of commerce.
Register your subscribers. Create payment plans by adding products. Manage your payment plans with installment and collection reports. Generate monthly invoices with bulk invoicing.
Broadcast announcements and news with in-house streaming. Inform your employees about your company.
Make country, city, sector-based searches in the fair database, which includes more than 10,000 fairs. Review product and country-based export reports with bill of lading reports.
See which countries and companies visit your company, products and services. View companies that review your products and services by filtering their characteristics.
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New Companies
What can u do if your company becomes a member of
You can display your products.
You can display your services.
With the wall you can post notifications about the recent developments, news, products and services in your company.
You can share the contact information and present the field of activity of your company.
You can present your reference projects and certificates, you can also share photos and videos about your company.
You can share the fairs you attended, awards you received, your patents and brands.
You can introduce your production capacity, the countries and cities in which you operate or have trade relations.
You can exhibit your warehouses and share specific information about your warehouses.
You can examine other companies and connect with them by adding their company to the your network.
You can examine products of other companies and their services and ask for quotations.
By creating purchase offers, you can enable your suppliers to bid online through cobunet.
You can manage your reconciliation operations through Cobunet by sending reconciliation and current reminder emails to your current caregivers.
You can convert your purchase proposal and reconciliation operations to xml, excel format or integrate it with your own corporate business application with our web services.
You can record your customers and suppliers using our CRM tools.
You can manage your sales opportunities, sales proposals and orders, and plan events by creating events.
You can track your service applications and create maintenance plans.
You can inform your employees about the last minute developments and publish announcements by sharing the company with the broadcast stream.
You can follow your bank, cash, credit card, invoice and delivery note transactions, and manage your checks and vouchers.
You can follow up current accounts and manage your debt receivables.
You can record your expenses and make income-expense planning.
You can manage your stocks and instantly follow up the products, raw materials and semi-products in your warehouses.
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