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Product : 1001
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  Product name : 1001
  Category : Clothing - Men's Underwear
  URL :
  Unit : Piece
  Brand Name : Dorea
  Minimum Order : 50
  : Total 21,835 view
  • S-M-L-XL-XXL


  • 30/1 COMBED COTTON ( single jersey )

  • 100 % COTTON



COTTON are the plant of the most cited By fibres on Earth.Combed cotton yarn is better quality than smooth-looking and homogeneous according to Carded Cotton yarn. The fabric which produced from this yarn is softer fabric , more robust, more uniform surface-looking, cleaner and brighter. Combed cotton yarns has been used in the production of slim woven fabric and knitted fabrics .Produced fabrics has Been used in the high quality dresses, blouses, shirts, t-shirts, underwear and home textile products. Combed yarns in our productions, world-renowned and native cotton is top quality, very good of physical features, clean, long and thin, easily paintable features. In this way, maximum quality in the yarn, smoothness, ruggedness and cleaning is provided.

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